The Buddha

by Sahtyre

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released June 28, 2011

Mixed/Mastered by 8 Bit Bandit



all rights reserved


Sahtyre Los Angeles


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Track Name: The Buddha
betchu a buck the world end in 2012
cuz if it dont imma say fuck it n kill myself
n youll see my record chillin on the toppa diddy shelf
rhyme unpredictable its like my mental health
they call it bipolar
n i call it a alcoholic fit cuz iont wanna do shit when im sober
ill do what the fuck i choose til my lifes over
n wipe my dirty ass shoes on yo white sofa
n fuck a fine bitch ill wife oprah
favor for a favor n make her hit the jader
i gave her the saber n she was savorin the flavor
i jus tazed her wit a laser jus to taker fuckin bankcard
it aint hard my nigga im a hooligan
cassidy my real name but saht be the psuedonym
n all these wack niggas shit id be happy wit shootin them
n be the main reason why real rappin is cool again
my ex girl told me imma butthead
cuz i told her my dream was to paint the white house blood red
half the time i aint listen to what that slut said
the flow decapitate a ho tell her i want head

one, two, blunt, brew
take over the worlds what the fuck we gun do it go
3, 4, peace, war, its all in yo mind what the fuck u waitin for?

they say im fuckin up the paradigm
i dont giva shit cuz im fuckin a pair a dimes
rollin up a dub n we puffin we in paradise
sold em what im holdin now they rollin like a pair a dice
bet i get em suckin like sum parasites
im makin moves all u other niggas paralyzed
call me foolish when i quit the school shit but it worked tho
and not even my gramama could dare deny it
really i jus wanna see a riot
until we burn the city down ill never be excited
lets take a dry hit of the summa the bomb shit that i get
n come down harder than a suicidal pilot
i figure i finally found freedom
determined to be great since i was jus a drop of precum
went from high school knockin the doctor greenthumb
to feedin bitches keybumps while im rockin the keyclub
i flow like a fuckin tsunami
so tell ya boyfriend he bout to needa new hobby
they lovin how i do the shit, stay up on my buddha shit
but first nigga cross me gon need a fuckin crucifix
see this shit is sumthin like a rebirth
n humans are the cancer cells takin over the earth
as long as we actin like we dont need her
when everybody dies well get what the fuck we deserve
im feelin like im freefallin feetfirst
trapped in purgatory but fuck it it could be worse
cuz when i die ill be sippin a mai thai
screamin fuck everything in a tie die t shirt
Track Name: Antifreeze
cooler than antifreeze
long hair baggy jeans
caint nobody tell me shit, fuck a cop, anarchy
hell yea the antichrist aint bad as me
saht a g, ruff around the edge like yo grannys feet
its not play time
rip thru the bassline
dip thru the hood my shit bang its no gang sign
n i stay high, we puffin on that hang time
n im fuckin up the beat jus cuz i wanna thas a hate crime
really tho i dont care
niggas kno its no fair
not by a long shot, u caint even thro a prayer
n niggas say im goin in but nigga i been goin there
n maybe im jus goin nuts n maybe u shud prolly grow a pair
fuckin cunthole
packa blunts rolled
clear skies, clouds in my lungs tho
n i be trippn how them other niggas dunzo n i aint even started yet
this is not a argument
wear my helmet in the booth i stay on some retarded shit
n caint nobody fuck wit me n i aint playin hard to get
thas jus how i treat em
never join em so i beat em
ima shut these niggas down fuck it control alt delete em
seagrams 7 in my cup now look at what i become
flow so sublime 40 oz to freedom
swagger so bradley they dont understand me
i be on my a game, so ya betta use ya plan b
niggas tryinna be like me but thas jus what u cant be
stay up in a damn tree and im higher than the canopy
n im cooler than sum antifreeze
n cooler than the cali breeze
and im cooler than a brew in a cooler by a pool in miami beach
ok thas prolly hot still
all my ex girls say im so johnny knoxville
but they jus prolly want the cock still
call me cold blooded so fuck it how could we not chill
this is not a drill
i dont even want a deal
cuz i find ironic that my flow be payin the waterbill
n these niggas is not as ill, so these niggas get shot n killed
u better off tryna talk it out, nigga doctor phil
Track Name: Bazillionaire (ft. Katy K & Nina Marie)
so tell me im not poppin
im on cloud 9 til the birds stop flockin
n u wonder y them bitches stay hawkin
kindalike sadie she on it like crazy
not like maybe im hot like hades
prolly cuz im standin in the spotlight blazin
i neva sleep, realities a daydream
thas why most things neva be what they seem
amazing u can tell im high
cuz my eyes stay lookin like a guys from beijing
flow wet like the dimes im datin
so wet soon as i jump inside im bathin
hell yea cum fuck wit a player
or stay over there on the sideline wavin 
i aint even in my rite mind einstein
puffin on the buddha, a wiseguy maybe

but im jus bein what they made me
i was worth way more than what they paid me
a whole alot changed in a year
now im right here while ya homegirls stare like

ooh yea, ooh yea yea
she think im a bazillionaire
ooh yea, ooh yea yea
dont trip cuz i will be there

she think ima bazillionaire
but im still ridin dirty like chamillionaire
wit some light skin freak wit brazilian hair
stay bobbin her head like she feel the snare
n i rock the same shit that chameleons wear
so ya caint see me but still ya stare
like look over there
that nigga wit the hair
you can barely breathe
wit all the kush in the air
it aint fair, but i dont even care
cuz they hop on my dick im like ric wit the flair
yea, my auras.. smooth like fedoras
hoppin out the tourbus, smellin like a forest
alla the supporters snappin flix like reporters
you wit it u could kick it, you hatin i ignore ya
yup, and you kno thas the steez
the rats come out for the cheese, bitch please
Track Name: Rock 'n Roll
im just doin what i oughta
puffin on the buddha bumpin sum nirvana
lookin like my fatha, but im crazy like my momma
im jus usin what they gave me now the ladies goin gaga
so go the saga
really u dont want asada
no nada less u tryna hear bang bang, bye, bye
keep it righteous or my niggas may brang drama
oh my god, no allah, holla
while all ya, was busy gettin dicked by obama
i was focused on gettin my bread thick like cibatta
my medulla oblan gata say i gotta be a balla
got billions of bars n each one worth a dolla
imma king like simba where is nala?
call fo she come n she cum when i call her
see i be goin in like ramada, hah
dont be gettin smart wit a scholar, nah
livin in the future cuz im focused at the moment
fucked up the past but im past it i dont get
caught up in bad habits of dwellin on old shit
n i dont really know shit but fuck it i jus go wit it
my flow shitted on plenty niggas im gross wit it
n quick witted, real shit, no gimmic
the long braids, dark shades, low fitted
master kush by the p, no limit
po me a guiness to replenish my buzz
the hotel room be lookin like a gentlemans club
fuckin wit us
my ex girl seen thru the lust
back when i was broke, before i broke her trust
n trust, its a must every beat get crushed
to dust n sniff it
try some summa this shit
pay me respect or ill pay you a visit
twist on the silencer, all you hear is crickets
this is jus a snippet, n i aint tryinna kickit
keep it movin niggas swore i got evicted, come on
prolly im jus lookin for some bitches, to come on
rhyme never stop every sentence is a run on
n no i do not condone, nonna these weak niggas
n they wonder why yo wifey be tryinna leave wit us
got her drunk off 10 shots of cheap liquor
then pass her back n forth call that shit a flea flicker
then kick her, out no punt intended n thas where i end it...splendid
Track Name: Miss Communication (ft. Alpha MC)
i said didnt want a girl, love at first sight
told her she was bad, said im not her type
gave me her number i hit her on skype
we get along great, n all we do is fight
n i aint never wrong, n she forever right
she hate it when im gone, n i be on a flight
n i jus need space, she wanna be chased
try to get a kiss, slap me in the face
cuz she be gettin mad, n i be chillin groovy
she be rollin blunts up, i be twistin doobies
i be into music, she be watchin movies
but i swear cupid hit us wit a oozy
cuz she think im amazin, i tell her she perfect
yea she crazy, but fuck it its worth it
even if we argue in every conversation
all it really is is a miscommunication

i be out all late, missin babydoll
she wanna hear my voice, but i forget to call

miss communication X4

she be up all late, starin at the wall
she wanna see my face but i forget to call

she said she didn't wanna man, now she gotta boyfriend
she be trippin over lil shit, earl boykins
wanna go to lunch but, i got a appointment
i be irratin her, she be so annoyin
she be instigatin shit, i be indifferent
i forget to call n she dont even listen
she remember everythang, shit i be forgettin
wanna take it slow but she want a commitment
i be tryna fuck, she wanna make love to me
one moment she hate me
the next moment she huggin me
i be wantin simple shit, she be wantin luxury
she be wantin time alone, i be havin company
she be analyzin, im antagonizin
how do we do it its so damn agonizin
either one of us is always sayin sumthin
jus cuz we know its bout to push each others buttons
fuck the repercussion, actin like children
neighbors hear us yellin thru the whole fuckin buildin
i be tryinna squash it, she jus wanna talk shit
but i swear cupid hit us wit a rocket
cuz she think im incredible, i tell her she flawless
she think im a king and she some kinda goddess
even if we fight over every situation
its all jus one big miscommunication
Track Name: High (ft. Jasmine Golan)
2 puffs n im zonin
foos caint match thro a whole fuckin zone in
so roll up whatchu holdin
take bong rips all day thas bowlin
so u knowin where we goin
once we get the tip of the zig zag glowin
big fat bags of the herb n the hash
got damn neighbors think im takin out the trash
puff puff pass, 3, 2, 1 n i blast, off, off, off
so much grass, smoke no joke but i laugh, ha, ha, ha
i jus ate a edible
whole lifestyle 2 words, never low
letcho bitch hit it jus to let her kno
her shit coo but our shit better tho...
yup thas a fact
true og u could smell it thru the sack
westcoast shit wit the bomb marijuana
sunny california, blaze where u wanna
thas jus how we do it
u aint tryna chief niggas look atchu stupid
yup yup, got the crazy dro
i said up up up and away we go

we bouta get
high x4

2 hits n im still high
sometimes i wonder if its real life
cuz it aint even what it feel like
head in the clouds blowin tree on the hillside
faded off the THC
eyes so low nigga we caint see
real shit we tryna live comfortably
so if u kick it roun me u could puff for free, fuck it
what the cops gon do
its damn near legal shit them foos smoke too
chillin at the crib wit the crew roll thru
n they ask how much yall blew? no clue
whole spot poppin
hoes hotboxin
niggas caint breathe but we still not coughin
n i got the fire like dhalsim
awesome, throw a nug in if u got some
the medicinal cure
nah im not a pothead imma connoisseur
aight maybe so
said up up up n away we go
Track Name: IJWF
got damn she fine
pissy drunk offa cheap wine
n now her body language tellin me she thinkin what im thinkin
so im thinkin she could read minds
she really is a classy chick
but we bout to do some nasty shit
knew it was crackin when she grabbed my dick
i lift her on the counter slammd her up against the cabinet
n stuck my whole damn tongue down her throat, can i have a kiss? her shirt off
unfasten her bra so fuckin fast it rips
n bite her on the neck, she smilin cuz she wet
n thas how like she like it
handcuffs n ice n shit lil freak wit it
dick up in her mouth hella deep
then she lick around the head n smack herself against the cheek wit it
i love it when she do dat
bend her over spank her on the ass tell her you bad
slide her g string down body breathin heavily
she beggin me to satisfy her appetite sexually
no hesitation, knew she was comin like she had reservations
legs shakin, knees tremblin
soon as we end we begin again

fuck it get the whip cream
ill kiss ya from ya nipples to ya clit ring
she a fiend, fareal tho
hit from behind n push her face into the pillow
take it out quick, put it in slow
made yer cum twice, she take it like some good advice
guess its why she call me cocky
get it on get me off n then get off me
Track Name: Turnt
we tryna get drunk, we tryna get faded
we tryna get fuckd up, tryna get wasted
we tryna get turnt x5

we bouta get high, we bouta get lifted
bouta get blasted , we bouta get twisted
we bouta get turnt x5

high, nah i didnt mean to say hello
nigga we be stayin gone like alvederzane fasho
excuse my german
some juice wit some bourban
the flow so wet i get confused wit a merman
hah, n we swervin n we sippin n we burnin n
n we livin n we learnin, no class
yall niggas garbage i get the hoes trashed
ballin on these bitches they can kiss my broke ass, yes...
yo, yo po anutha cup n roll the dro dro
fashodo, why these niggas actin like they dont know?
pants saggin nuts dragon like kimodo
swaggin bouta pull somebody ho doe

hah, yea bitch im turnt like the volume
n u could call me daddy while we fuckin in ya mom room
whole style wilder than a cartoon in a monsoon
n the stage manager mad cuz im on shrooms n im on soon
n im on one, n im on two and i got three
n u hate me cuz im cocky n u not me and im not u
and im motley wit my crew
whatcha niggas gon do
nuthin no question only question is u got brew?
im not thru, dont giva fuck bout tools
but me n yo bitch got hammered n then that cunt got screwed
lets get smashed im in a punk rock mood
n im jus that shrewd im the muthafuckin buddha
pack a fuckin nug up in the hooka
inhale the smoke up in ya lungs until ya puke one
my nigga u wont die
but how the hell u ever gone know if you dont try?
im so high i think i could go fly til i hop off a 10 story buildin n nosedive
twisted like a fuckin bowtie n i act like i dont even know y
Track Name: Dont Stop (ft. Nocando & Pistol McFly)
Played me like a instrument
sheet music got intimate
so kissable, from her neck to her lips below
blew me like a piccolo
a gentleman never tells but i aint gentle bro
cuz now u saht n pistol know
im sick of bein cynical
i hope to christian sentiment tht this aint clinical
i cud pass for goth wit half the shit i spit u no
i aint asher roth fuck college man i didnt go
all my ppl pointed at each other like they pigeontoed
say im abstract n fly, i guess im pigeonholed
i make sense in the end like a seminole
but i digress on a different note
i aint talkin gender roles
wen i say these niggas switch to bitches tho
pretty much a griot with no makeup n some nigga clothes
they x men ima sentinel
imma make em break fast like my bagels n locks n cream cheese
n amazingly hot guatemalan antigua im sippin slow
i kid i kid maybe i isnt though
out the fryin pan n the hellfyre club in the kitchen bro
we iller thn any nigga u c walkin, but i aint crippin tho
niggas hatin i aint trippin im servin n waitn they aint tippin
it aint makin me no dollars so i aint payin attention
i guess it isnt sensible
dollars make sense i aint ballin so i take em to the holiday inn
in a old school whip committin modern day sins
in rare form jus talkin bout some commonplace shit
to be specific n general

Pistol McFly:
n i dnt let a minute go by witout me gettn stoned
stockton turn tht shit tht bring me mail man, pick n roll
ull get tht shit later, residuals
i stay flighted y is niggas still up on they tippy toes
got the whole city on some o shit is he on shit
cuz he awesome wen he on shit like really tho
let the eons tick, this shit is old
most niggas on sum solitary mind shit
confined in a box but im not un or conscious im both of em in a box squabbin
hotboxin wit einstein
tell them lame niggas stop callin wit tht non sense all the time
shot out to the blogs wit the dumb ass comments
shot out to the broads wit the dumbass knowledge
if i wasnt rhymin i prolly jus be a pilot
either tht or a bum ass stylist
n if all fails
imma jus combine it n spit sumthn thas fire
my brilliance is underminded jus sumthn to underline it
they like where do u defined it
shit i dnt even kno now
cuz my favorite 5 rappers is my old styles
n she dnt ever stop when she go down
drinkin out the stanley cup like fuck yo couch

n i tell em str8 up no slouch
like bitch imma bad mutha shut yo mouth
im jus tryina stab, cutthroat style
whata jackass, donkey punch hoes out
nigga flow wild
saht if u didn't know
tell im wit nocan bitches be down
chillin wit my other killa pistol smoked out
the way we chief, niggas like how?
n im lookin like a indian now
if yo grl wanna hit it its plenty to go around
aint nobuddy walkin down the aisle
im tryna get me a lil snowbunnie i could plow
give tht bitch some coke n a smile
then i beat it beat it up til she throw in the towel
like dont stop, thas what she tellin me
she wont it forever but i tell her it could never be
cuz i caint even walk down beverly
without a couple breezies thinkin ima celebrity
n i aint even done shit yet
way more important shit to do than get a chick wet
but if i crash its a shipwreck
called me dickhead put it in n that bitch said dont stop
Track Name: Holdin On (ft. Open Mike Eagle)
she was tight, bright, young pretty and strong
good girl every nigga in the city be on
hood girl but mentally she really beyond
so other girls felt like she didnt belong
cuz, they was gettin drunk gettin fucked goin clubbin when
she was home chillin in the bedroom studyin
they was gettin bitter cuz she aint wanna be one of them
tell her she a loser, jealous of her future
she could go to princeton, she could go to harvard
she could have her wish then, even tho its harder
prove it to her father, she his only daughter
he ont got no money but she know he got her
one late nite she was walkin back home
not really payin attention prolly talkin on the phone
sum hood bitches saw her alone
hit her wit a bottle and got her for everythang she own
but she aint even cry, babygirl was fearless
broke a couple bones but they couldnt break her spirit
sprinted home to tell pops
n hadda letter from the college waitin in the mailbox

cuz ya caint keep holdin, holdin, holdin on
sometimes ya jus let go

she was, so in love it was really a shame
her whole face lit up whenever u mention his name
n babygirl wadn't really hip the da game
she did everything for him hed never give her the same
so she laced him wit kicks, paid for the laker tickets
swoop em up like every night jus so they could kick it
then he switched it in a instant n she missed it
n sumone that was once close became so distant
treatin her like shit n she aint did shit
but be sweet n considerate, n he jus dont consider it
act like he dont giva shit, bein immature
n badmouthin her to make her feel insecure
cuz he was ungrateful she a young angel
broke her heart to find out he was bein unfaithful
n she jus showed him the text
he never been the same since the moment she left

but she caint keep holdin, holdin, holdin on
sometimes ya gotta let go

they was, 2 birds of a feather fasho
from the moment that they met they could never let go
road dogs no question, truly devoted
so he popped the question she couldnt say no
n then they musta got real busy on the honeymooon
cuz next thing u know they gotta baby comin soon
but its really kinda wack cuz now he gotta pack
got shipped to iraq but he promised he be back
n he off to the service, missin her kiss
she was scared but she knew he had the courage
damn, they been together since they was virgins
n he jus wanna get back home to make it perfect
as she was runnin thru his mind
who knew that he would run into a mine
images of her flashed in fronta his eyes
as he thought about his son still in her stomach alive
back home she grew stronger as the days went
then the letters stopped, but she was patient
cuz they coulda had it all
she damn near fainted when she answered the call
Track Name: Enlightenment
they like whas gotten into me
i swear im my own archenemy
cause these niggas aint done shit to me
rhyme got em all mindblown john kennedy
n niggas stay gone mentally
but im so high i think my brains gone literally
shit, jus chek the family history
cuz if im insane then jus blame kimberley yo
n thas word to my motha
sip if i wanna
puff herb til i hover
fucka unda cover
im undercovers wit a couple white broads
that could suck sperm thru a rubber
they like you so nasty
bitch you dont wanna hear the truth dont ask me nah
step up in the booth voice raspy
cornrows fucked up n elbows ashy
what u see is what u get
cuz what u dont see is the genius in it
i spit like jesus, similes scarin the bajeezus
out these white people n shit
n they dont even get it
they jus fascinated wit the way it get presented
o look at that nigga paintin pictures so vivid
of some shit i never seen but wishin i could live it
so i jus give em what they want
long as they bitch lemme hit it like a blunt
n i aint tryna cuddle we could fuck
n after we done shit girl lemme hold a couple of bucks
cuz money make the world spin
n pussy do too so i should get a girlfriend
im thinkin maybe my ex girls friend
or the next girl wit a fat ass that walk in
feelin like im shadowboxin
jus to put it in other words, how can i not win
killin every pussy rapper in yo top ten
cuz for the last 5 years spittin like bitches was the hot trend
theres only so much u could take
of fuckin stupid humans dudes is supa fake
aint posed to call em fags but foos is super gay
they should have to pause after every line, drake

i said fuck a hook
n fuck a groupie less she tryna suck fuck and cook
n thas what they usually be bout so, we good
long as she jus shut the fuck up n roll bud
n dont get it misunderstood
im not jus your ordinary stick in the mud
i walk down the block wit a crip n a blud
and some nerdy white nigga like i wish a nigga would...
i say nigga cuz imma nigga i could
old niggas like this lil nigga good
do it as i shouldl, this is what its finsta be
till everybody either asskissin me or pissed at me
i laugh but im fareal
im from neptune in fact i am pharell
and yall muhfuckas is wacka then blue cantrell
i rap jus too damn well
hah n thas proper grammar
n niggas try to hate but thas propaganda
like me n d.c. wit a flask and a can-a gas
and a match and a obama banner
they like wheres my manners
honestly at this point iont think it matters

yea i like to smoke pot
wit the soul of a buddha n brain of a robot
the body of a weird nigga that all these hos jock
gettin blowjobs make the ho take the whole cock
ima say fuck it n go pop
n go rock sum fake ass grill wit a mohawk
n a gold chain n some dress shoes wit no socks
til everybody jealous like you fuckin show off
n im on but brains so off
maybe cuz i forget to take my zoloft
n i aint slept in weeks
but luckily for me yo favorite rapper got me sittin her bout to doze off
my nigga my flows raw
like the roar of a lion when i hit the roor bong
im jus tryna kick it witch your mom
put the porn on then get that whore in a orange thong
n i dont know what planet your on
but these fags got the swag of a doorknob
or maybe im jus bigheaded like zordon
or maybe im jus pigheaded like warthogs
i got a smorgasbord of songs
thank god my mom doctor did the abortion wrong
speakin of god, lemme shot out my aunt
cuz she taught me how stupid it is to argue wit morons

n i wnt ever stop
i see my pops ghost like nigga u better not
n now im sayin all type of shit tht u never thought
its funny cuz as a kid i never said alot
ill spit til the veins in my headll pop
n my brain hop out my head, somebody get a mop
its funny how y go frm jus bein the average loser
to bein the enlightened 1, call me the buddha